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     Welcome to the Crazy Cat Ladies website to help raise donations for Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. They were started to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed just because they are blind.
If you have a cat that has become blind or you are thinking of adopting a blind cat,  please visit their " About Us" page tells a lot about living with blind cats and it has links to other good articles about blind cats.

Please watch their kitties on  Youtube. You will see that blind cats can have quality of life and do deserve to live. 
They will leave paw prints on your heart.
     Above are the shelters used at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.  They are housing approximately 36 cats.  Our goal is to help them build another shelter by donating our time, goods, materials & skills.  In our website you will find hand made pet beds (Patty's Page), pottery (Karla's  Page), crocheted items including catnip toys (Eleanor's Page), Rainbow Bridge kitty sterling silver necklace (Martha's Page) and hand stamped note cards (Wendy's Page).  You will also find gently used clothing ( Nancy's Page) and kitty cat shoes (April's Page).

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